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General Election 2015: Poll shows Labour and Conservatives are neck and neck

Labour and the Conservatives are now neck and neck as politicians reach the final furlong of election campaigning, according a new poll.

In one of the last tests of the nation’s political mood before votes are cast, Labour has risen three points in comparison to a poll published nine days ago, while the Conservatives’ fortunes have not changed.

The ICM poll for The Guardian also shows that the Liberal Democracts are also unchanged on 9 per cent, while the Scottish National Party is enjoying a surprisingly high nationwide score of 5 per cent.

And as Labour gains a lead, Ukip and the Greens lost two points to 11 per cent and 3 per cent respectively.

Meanwhile, Plaid Cymru is on 1 per cent, and other smaller parties are also on 1 per cent.

The survey asked participants to consider not only their voting intentions by their expectations for how the rest of the UK will vote.

While Labour scored 35 in the poll, respondents predicted they will secure 32 per cent of the official vote, but said the Tories will gain 35 per cent.

The result comes after a Poll of Polls compiled for The Independent saw The Conservatives on 34 per cent, and Labour lagging behind slightly on 33.

But Ukip scored better than in the ICM poll with 13 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats  fared the same at 9 per cent.

The Green Party’s score was the most disparate to the ICM poll, with only 5 per cent.

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