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General Election results map: Interactive graphic for all 650 constituencies across the UK

  • There are a total of 650 constituencies in the UK
  • 533 in England, 59 in Scotland, 40 in Wales and 18 in Northern Ireland
  • Use our interactive map to follow results from all constituencies

Theresa May's future as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives was being openly questioned after her decision to hold a snap election disastrously backfired.

As the June 8 poll ended in a hung parliament, with no party holding an absolute majority in the House of Commons, Mrs May pledged to offer "stability" if the Tories end up as the largest party with the most votes.

Key numbers

Here are the key numbers as the country takes to the polls:

  • 46.9 million: The number of people eligible to vote on polling day, 1.1 million of whom have joined the electorate since 2016
  • 3,304: The number of candidates standing across all parties
  • 974: The number of female candidates standing in the General Election
  • 326: The number of seats needed for a working majority
  • 17: The Government's majority at the end of the 2015-17 parliament
  • 97: The number of seats Labour needs to gain to win a majority
  • 330: The number of seats the Conservatives had at the end of the 2015-17 parliament, compared with 229 for Labour
  • 650: The number of constituencies across the UK

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