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Government underestimated ordinary people, Jeremy Corbyn tells Glasgow rally

An upbeat Mr Corbyn insisted the Labour Party could win in Thursday’s vote.

Jeremy Corbyn has begun a marathon final day of General Election campaigning with a rally in Glasgow city centre.

The Labour leader, cheered by hundreds of supporters, delivered one of his final addresses to voters from a platform on Buchanan Street.

Despite Labour continuing to trail the Conservatives in the polls – even though the gap has narrowed since the start of the campaign – an upbeat Mr Corbyn insisted the party could win in Thursday’s vote.

Jeremy Corbyn checks his watch during a rally in Glasgow (Andrew Milligan/PA)

He told the crowd: “They underestimated us didn’t they? They underestimated the good sense of ordinary people, ordinary people all over Britain.”

The speech marked Mr Corbyn’s 84th campaign rally, with a further six events planned across the country over the course of the day, culminating in his Islington North constituency in the evening.

He said: “This campaign is a choice, and there has never been a clearer choice. The choice is another five years of a Tory government, underfunding of services all across the UK, including here in Scotland, or a Labour government that invests for all, all across Britain.

“If you want a Labour government, if you want to get rid of a Tory government, our party is not doing deals, we’re not offering anything other than us, our manifesto and our principles.”

He added: “This campaign is very exciting, exciting because of all the people who have come on board to support and help our campaign. It is that sense of unity that will deliver something very historic tomorrow across the UK.”

Mr Corbyn continued: “I am very, very excited today, excited by the enthusiasm of our campaign, and grateful to all of you.

“On Friday, wouldn’t it be great if on Friday we woke up to a Labour majority across the country, a Labour government that will be a government for all of our communities across the whole of the country, to deliver that social justice that we all crave.”

Returning to England, Mr Corbyn began a tour of four Tory-held marginal seats in Weaver Vale, Cheshire – held by Graham Evans with a majority of 806 in 2015 – and said his Labour Party shared the vision of the post-war Attlee government which created the NHS.

At Phoenix Park in Runcorn, Mr Corbyn chided the Tories for thinking the election would be a “walk in the park” and urged voters to back Labour and choose “hope over fear”.

His speech to a rally of around 1,000 people focused on Labour offering to spend more on health and education, including the creation of a National Care Service and abolishing university tuition fees.

He said: “Either we go down the arid road of Tory cuts, Tory closures, Tory privatisation, Tory inequality.

“Or you take the other road – those bold and brave people that led our party in the desperate days after the Second World War had that vision of a National Health Service, of an inclusive society.”


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