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Irish Language Act a Sinn Fein 'Trojan horse', Swann claims

Ulster Unionist leader Robin Swann MLA, has described Sinn Fein’s push for an Irish Language Act as yet another Trojan Horse to be used in a campaign against unionism.

Robin Swann said: “For all their protestations, Sinn Fein's real reason for pushing for an Irish Language Act is becoming more transparent. It's just another Trojan horse for Gerry Adams to use in his campaign against unionism."

Mr Swann continued: "Not that long ago Gerry Adams said that he wanted to use equality as a Trojan horse to break the b******s - unionists. The proposed Irish Language Act is just the next Trojan Horse that ran up alongside Adams and he decided to hop on."

The Irish Language Act, Mr Swann went on, " is an attempt to balkanise Northern Ireland starting with the creation of a two tier civil service, with a recruitment quota of 10%, and giving an Irish Language Commissioner the powers of a High Court judge to go after English speakers".

Although Sinn Fein has denied this, "these proposals are contained in their own documents," he said.

He accused Sinn Fein of wanting "to make Northern Ireland unrecognisable and turn it into a bi-lingual state".

"There is simply no need for an Irish Language Act," Mr Swann insisted.

"This is an English speaking island. Instead, what we need to focus on is building trust and respect for all, not politicising what should be a language which everyone can call their own. As long as Sinn Fein continue to ride this Trojan horse, more invisible walls will be built between our communities," he concluded.

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