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Labour pulls ahead of the Tories across three polls following non-dom tax pledge

Labour received a boost after three opinion polls put it in the lead over the Conservatives.

The surveys gave it leads of six, four and three points. If the trend is sustained, it will ring alarm bells in Downing Street over the Tories’ election tactics.

The apparent spike in Labour support follows Mr Miliband’s pledge to scrap the “non-dom” tax status of more than 100,000 wealthy UK residents.

A Survation poll for the Mirror put Labour on 35 per cent, with the Conservatives on 31, Ukip on 15, the Liberal Democrats on 9 and the Greens on 4.

It also carried good news for Mr Miliband personally, with voters saying for the first time that he was performing better than David Cameron. But he still trails the Prime Minister over who would be best to lead Britain after May 7.

Labour’s pledge to abolish "non-dom" tax status was backed by 59 per cent of the public and opposed by 16 per cent.

A survey by TNS UK put Labour on 33 per cent, the Conservatives 30, Ukip 19, the Lib Dems 8 and Greens 4.

A Panelbase poll put Labour up four on 37 per cent and the Conservatives down two on 31, with Ukip on 16, the Lib Dems on 8%, and Greens on 4.

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