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Michelle O'Neill calls for election fight-back against Brexit

By Adrian Rutherford

Michelle O'Neill has described the general election as a political fight-back against Brexit and Tory-driven austerity.

In a hard-hitting speech, Sinn Fein's Stormont leader warned of the "reckless and dangerous policies" of an incoming Conservative administration.

She was speaking at the launch of Michelle Gildernew's campaign to retake the Fermanagh-South Tyrone seat yesterday.

Addressing delegates in Fermanagh, she said: "This election is a political fight-back. This is a call to action because our rights are under assault.

"We have to fight back against the reckless and dangerous policies of the self-serving Tory government in London, which is about forcing a disastrous Brexit on the North and dragging us against our will from the EU.

"Everyone here knows the impact that will have on our business, trade, agri-food, tourism and other sectors of the economy, with the imposition of trade tariffs, a border and denying people the freedom of movement North and South.

"It will severely undermine the progress of the past 20 years.

"The people of the North don't want Brexit. It is unacceptable.

"They don't want Tory cuts.

"They will not tolerate inequality and discrimination or second class citizenship for anyone - women, LGBT, Irish speakers, ethnic minorities - because an attack on one, is an attack on us all."

Ms O'Neill told those gathered at the Manor House Hotel near Enniskillen: "The people want fairness and equality.

Ms Gildernew is aiming to recapture the seat she lost in 2015. Outgoing MP Tom Elliott is again standing for the UUP, with the support of the DUP.

√ A Sinn Fein election candidate is offering a giveaway of Snickers chocolate bars - after his mission to acquire the chocolate was rewarded by the treat's manufacturers.

Last month Barry McElduff, who is standing in West Tyrone, revealed he had entered "DUP territory" at Stormont to purchase a Snickers.

Mr McElduff said that, when the manufacturers heard of this, they got in touch, sending him a package of 32.

But he is giving them away to followers of his Facebook page.

"When I recently shared with the whole world my battle to get Snickers from the DUP vending machine on the third floor at Stormont, Snickers, the company, were so impressed that they sent me a box load of Snickers, which amounted to 32."

Referring to the 32 counties of Ireland he added: "That 32 is very, very symbolic.

"I'm going to run a competition because I can't eat these myself."

A draw takes place today from those who liked and shared his post.

The winner will receive the 32 chocolate bars.

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