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MyVote survey: Find out what kind of voter you really are: Are you choosing the wrong political party?

Are you voting for the wrong political party?

If you're not sure which to choose come election time, then our exclusive online survey is here to help.

The Belfast Telegraph has teamed up with Chambre Public Affairs and pollsters LucidTalk to question the way you determine your voting preferences – based on party policies, not party loyalties.

The online poll comes ahead of next month's local government elections, which will see the greatest shake-up of councils across Northern Ireland in more than 40 years.

So on May 22, when thousands head to the polls, after taking our survey you might think somewhat differently about who you'll be voting for.

We will ask you just 14 short questions, and you click on 'agree', 'disagree' or 'open-minded'. You can also choose to skip a question.

The confidential MyVote survey will help identify what matters most to you about key local government issues and policy.

We will also ask which party you would normally vote for, and to select those you would never choose come election time.

Then, we'll match your responses with the party that most closely matches your responses.

And, don't forget to share your results on Twitter and Facebook, so you can compare the chosen party with others.

We're also asking our readers to choose when and where, if at all, flags should be displayed on public buildings across Northern Ireland.

But remember, MyVote is simply hoping to challenge how you decide on your vote – it's up to you to decided which party you'll support on polling day.

And the survey will undoubtedly result in a few raised eyebrows, with the results coming as a surprise to some voters.

It aims to drill down beneath voters' traditional party affiliations and reveal which party is most closely aligned to readers' actual political beliefs.

We hope the survey will also help you connect with the key issues facing local government, and encourage participation and debate in the upcoming elections.

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