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Nick Clegg warns of rightwing 'Blukip' alliance of DUP, Ukip and the Conservatives

By Claire Cromie

Nick Clegg is to warn of a rightwing alliance of the DUP, Ukip and the Conservatives taking power after the election - a scenario the Lib Dems are calling 'Blukip'.

Liberal Democrats say a possible alternative to a Labour-SNP coalition is a minority Conservative government, "lurching to the right as it is forced to pander to Nigel Farage and his friends on the extreme right of British politics".

A spoof Blukip website highlights imagined policies from a Tory/Ukip/DUP coalition - reinstating the death penalty, scrapping all benefits for under 25s and charging for hospital visits.

The DUP's Ian Paisley has said he would be open to a deal with either the Tories or Labour -  in return for "hundreds of millions" in extra funding for Northern Ireland.

Democratic Unionist leader Peter Robinson, however, has said he would not support a government which is captive to a separatist party - the Scottish Nationalists.

The Deputy Prime Minister will today urge voters in Britain to vote tactically, saying if there are enough Lib Dem MPs elected it will keep the next government anchored in the centre ground.

The party will issue a list of 20 constituencies that could decide who holds the balance of power after May 7.

Nick Clegg said: “Imagine what Britain could become if the Prime Minister had to bargain with Nigel Farage and his friends for votes.

“Our public services cut to the bone. Our communities divided. Our shared British values of decency, tolerance and generosity cast aside.

“Instead of Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power and using it to keep the Government in the liberal centre ground, Nigel Farage and his friends in the Conservatives and the DUP would drag Britain further and further to the right.

“So ask yourself this: Do you want Liberal Democrats to keep the Government in the centre or Nigel Farage and his friends forcing David Cameron to lurch to the right?

“There is a right wing threat to Britain. Who holds the balance of power in Britain the morning after polling day matters."

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