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Watch Ukip supporters boo Telegraph journalist for asking question about race

Video footage shows moment Daily Telegraph’s chief political correspondent Christopher Hope is shouted down

Cameras captured the moment a political reporter was shouted down by Ukip supporters after asking Nigel Farage about the lack of ethnic diversity in his party’s election manifesto.

Footage from the press conference in Kent today reveals The Daily Telegraph’s chief political correspondent Christopher Hope being loudly heckled after asking Mr Farage why there was only one black face in Ukip’s manifesto.

“Nigel, you say you’ve read the document fully,” Mr Hope begins. “Are you happy that the only black face in the document is on the overseas aid page?”

As he finishes his statement audience members erupt into boos and jeers, as Mr Farage looks down expressionless.

“And secondly can I ask you,” Mr Hope starts to ask before he is drowned out by shouting, hissing, and boos.

The room then erupts into cheers – causing Mr Farage to look up – and clapping, which the Ukip leader joins in with.

The Telegraph journalist is still vainly attempting to ask his question, but by this point much of the room is on its feet, and his voice can barely he heard above the noise.

It appears in the video that members of the audience of Asian ethnicity stood up, shaking hands with fellow Ukip supports, and causing the room to break into applause.

Mr Hope’s question was in response to the Ukip manifesto document, which contains one black individual on page 68, which covered the party’s attitude to overseas aid.

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