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Geoff Kerr murder: man due in court

A 33-year-old man is expected to appear in Ballymena Magistrates Court this morning charged with the murder of Geoff Kerr.

The 60-year-old was shot dead at his home in Templepatrick last Monday.

Four others who were questioned about the father-of-four’s murder were released.

A woman in her 50s arrested on Saturday in Newtownabbey was released pending reports to the Public Prosecution Service.

A woman arrested in Glengormley in connection with aiding and betting was also released pending reports.

The congregation at Mr Kerr’s funeral in Templepatrick Presbyterian Church on Saturday heard him described as a loving family man who had “no back doors” and was anything but ordinary.

The Rev Richard Kerr said Mr Kerr was “a special person” who proposed to his wife Sally three days after they first met — and had even been the subject of a joke by Bob Monkhouse.

“To have met him was a privilege, an experience. He drew you in with his chat and charm,” said the Rev Kerr, who is not related to the family.

“To know him as a husband, father, was to know a man who loved you dearly, would have done anything for you.

“For all of us, whether we knew him as family, through business, socially, through church, we were enriched and influenced by a man who was full of life and vitality, who lived life to the full, who embraced us with his charisma, and who made you feel accepted, valued, special.

“You certainly couldn’t say Geoff was run of the mill. Apparently when at a business dinner in London, the comedian Bob Monkhouse heard of his reputation and quipped, ‘Geoff could talk for one hour on any given subject; and two hours if he knew anything about it’.”

Addressing Mr Kerr’s family, the minister said he was “someone who was devoted to each one of you”.

“He proposed to Sally three days after they met and you had a ring six weeks later. And whenever I spent time with him, he talked about his boys, and his pride in you and love for you was evident.”

The Rev Kerr said that while the Kerr family were thankful for their loved one’s life, “it is impossible to escape the uncertainty, the questions, the feeling of loss, the nature of his death”.

He added that Mr Kerr had been a man of great faith in God who renewed his religious commitment as an adult.

“This was something that was a great source of strength to himself and Sally, not least through his illness,” he said.

“Although it must be pointed out Geoff was in no way dying of cancer at the time of his death.”

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