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Gerry Adams abuse inquiries are being hidden: Nigel Dodds


Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams

The Prosecution Service and Police Ombudsman have been accused of hiding the findings of investigations into why no action was taken against Gerry Adams for allegedly withholding information about his paedophile brother Liam.

DUP MP Nigel Dodds told the House of Commons yesterday there was "concern and anger" that both bodies had completed their probes but had so far failed to publish them, as revealed by the Belfast Telegraph.

He accused the PPS and Police Ombudsman of keeping the findings "hidden from public view" and challenged them to explain "what exactly they have got to hide".

A review was carried out by the Attorney General of the PPS decision not to prosecute the Sinn Fein leader after it emerged that he did not tell police for nine years that Liam Adams had confessed to sexually abusing his daughter Aine. The Police Ombudsman also carried out a probe into allegations that detectives did not properly examine whether Gerry Adams covered up his brother's crimes. Neither report has been published, despite being completed several months ago.

"Serious claims were made in relation to the cover-up of sexual abuse and his (Gerry Adams) refusal to report those crimes. The PPS and the Police Ombudsman compiled reports yet they remain hidden from view. What exactly have they got to hide?" Mr Dodds said. "There must be no whitewash when it comes to these allegations of sexual abuse,".

The PPS said that in light of an appeal against conviction by Liam Adams "it would be inappropriate for us to comment upon the report". The Police Ombudsman said a number of queries that arose during a review of the investigation were being addressed.

Pressure on the PPS and Police Ombudsman to publish their findings comes as lawyer Sir Keir Starmer was appointed to review three cases linked to the alleged sexual abuse of Mairia Cahill and subsequent IRA cover-up.

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Ms Cahill (33) claims she was raped by a suspected IRA member when she was a teenager in 1997.

She claimed the IRA conducted its own inquiry, subjecting her to interrogation and forcing her to confront her alleged attacker.

Secretary of State Theresa Villiers said that "all such crimes, whether the acts themselves or any reported cover-up, needs to be fully investigated by the police".


The PPS and Police Ombudsman have completed investigations into police and prosecution decisions not to take action against Gerry Adams for withholding information about his paedophile brother Liam. The Sinn Fein leader told a court that in 2000 his brother admitted sexually assaulting his daughter, but Gerry Adams did not tell police until 2009. Another investigation into the PPS was announced this week. Sir Keir Starmer has been appointed to look again at all aspects of the prosecutions related to the Mairia Cahill case.

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