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Glastonbury fans gives red card to England losers

Glastonbury Festival returned to the music after England's humiliating defeat to Germany.

Two huge screens were erected on site to allow revellers to catch the action.

But the tens of thousands who packed in to watch the match left disappointed with the Three Lions being dumped out 4-1.

There was huge anticipation before the game as football fever gripped the side — but it quickly turned to anger as the final whistle blew.

“Rubbish,” said an admittedly tired and emotional Jules Chadwick from Manchester.

“They get paid millions and play well for their clubs. We should be beating this German side. Capello should go. He will be ok — he'll get millions.

“We needed Beckham out there. He really cares. The others don't care as far as I can see.”

And 55-year-old Terry Jenkins poured yet more scorn on England. “I am embarrassed,” he said. “If it wasn't so painful I'd laugh.

“I hope the players think about the people who have travelled to South Africa and spent money they probably don't have.

“They should be met by boos when they arrive back at Heathrow. I might even go myself to tell them how I feel.”

But many did not care.

Sian Mullins (21), in a bikini with a St George's Cross painted on her belly, said: “I don't care about football — some drunk man painted this flag on me, and then asked for my mobile number.

“I didn't give him it but I thought I'd come up to the football with my friends. I am just enjoying Glastonbury for the festival. I can't understand why people get worked up over a silly game.”

But even though many left

angry as they wandered back towards the bands and the bars there was no sign of trouble.

A policeman on horseback said: “No bother at all. Very good crowd. Shame they did not leave happy but they are not your average football crowd so I wasn't worried about a bad result.”

Asked about the Three Lions' dreadful display he said: “I saw some of it but not much. I was too busy – probably for the best.”

As the final whistle blew boos rang out across the field where 50,000 fans had packed in.

A similar sound resonated at half time aimed at the referee after he disallowed an England goal. But this time the anger was aimed firmly at the England players.

At least the festival-goers had the good weather and Motown legend Stevie Wonder to enjoy as the sun set last night.

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