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Gloria's sentimental trip to her childhood home

Ulster TV star visits humble terrace where she grew up

By Victor Gordon

TV presenter Gloria Hunniford - now living in a luxurious home in Kent - is returning to the humble Ulster terrace home where she spent her formative years.

But for one day only.

Gloria is returning to her childhood home at Armagh Road, Portadown, for a little television vignette in the BBC weeknight programme The One Show - which is fronted by Ulster presenter Christine Bleakley.

The show regularly features a celebrity who goes back to his or her own roots in a spot called The House Where I Grew Up.

Gloria has always spoken of her childhood home with love and affection.

She will recall that her late father, Charles Hunniford, was one of Portadown's foremost pigeon fanciers and that he worked as an advertising executive for the Lisburn weekly newspaper, The Ulster Star.

And she loves to tell stories about her dad's expertise as a magician - he performed at halls all over Ulster and near the top of the bill was little daughter Gloria, no mean singer.

Her mother, May, was a typical Northern Irish mother, whose baking and cooking were legendary in the community, and who ran a loving, caring home.

And not forgetting her siblings - older sister Lena, who still lives in Portadown, and younger brother Charles junior, who lives in Derby.

The house at Armagh Road is currently occupied by pensioner Johnny Dickson, and his son Jim is helping him prepare for Gloria's visit.

The filming will be done in Portadown this week, and Gloria is looking forward to it.

" It'll be a wonderful sentimental journey," she said. "A journey back to a loving home that holds so many wonderful memories."

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