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Golf ball found in throat of dead Irish businessman

An investigation is under way after undertakers found a golf ball lodged in the throat of a deceased Irish businessman.

Funeral home staff made the shocking discovery as they prepared the man's body for burial recently. Unusually, the object had not been discovered during the course of a post-mortem. The businessman, believed to be from south Dublin, has not been named.

The golf ball was found when the undertakers made an incision in the upper chest and neck area during the embalming.

The ball may have been forced down the man's throat, but it is understood that gardai have ruled out foul play.

The initial post-mortem was unable to establish the exact cause of death. The man's jaw was in a state of rigor mortis and it is believed that the ball may have been lodged in the throat for a significant period of time.

“A Garda investigation is being carried out to determine if the golf ball was present prior to the post-mortem being carried out,” said a spokesperson at St James's Hospital.

“At this stage it is far too early to conclude that was the case.”

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