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Greysteel killer Torrens Knight in tears as he appeals assault conviction

Greysteel killer Torrens Knight broke down in tears as he told a court he was upset that someone had called his wife “a tramp” as he appealed against his conviction for attacking two women in a Coleraine bar.

THE UFF murderer, who received 12 life sentences for his part in the Greysteel massacre and the separate killing of four workmen, told Antrim Crown Court yesterday that he had been a “bad man” but that he now wants to “live in peace”.

He said being called “a murdering scumbag b*****d” by one of the women had not annoyed him, but he was very upset when she called his wife a “tramp”.

Beginning to cry Knight said: “It doesn’t matter that people call me that now. It hurt me more that she called my wife a tramp. She (his wife) is a good girl ... I have a pretty thick skin. I have been through a lot.

“I have done terrible things and people have a right to call me that.

“That is what I was. But my wife is not a tramp.”

In December, Knight had his early release licence over the 1993 killings suspended and was jailed for four months after he was convicted of punching Rosemary Sutherland in the face, breaking her nose, and knocking her sister Caroline Nicholl to the ground and kicking her during disturbances in the Blackthorn Bar in Coleraine in May, 2008.

The court was told that there had been hostilities between the two sisters and Knight’s wife’s family for several years.

Knight, who was dressed in jeans and a red and white striped shirt, said he approached Mrs Nicholl in the bar that night as he wanted to “make peace”, but he said she told him to “f*** off” and that he was then punched in the face by Mrs Sutherland.

It is the defence case that Knight then punched Mrs Sutherland in the chest in self-defence.

A judgment is due to made made in the case on Thursday.

As Knight was led by prison guards from the dock back into custody he waved to several family members and friends who were in court to support him.

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