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Grieving dad buried his teen son in garden

A grieving father said today that he buried his teenage son in the back garden of his home so he would be close to him forever.

Robert Milloy, 18, died after he was hit by a train at the level crossing in his home village of Gatehead, Ayrshire.

Yesterday he was laid to rest under a lawn at his father’s house, which is near the railway line where the tragedy happened.

His father Rab, 46, said today he wanted his son, who was known as Boab, to be nearby forever.

He said: “I want to have him close because he was always in the village.

“There’s nothing bizarre or macabre about it.”

Robert’s wicker coffin was taken from the funeral home in Kilmarnock to the garden in a tractor — with the number plate BOAB — and trailer.

Mr Milloy plans to plant a willow tree above the spot where his son lies, and put a bench made of vintage tractor seats around the tree.

Robert Milloy, a farmworker, was on a lunchbreak when he was killed on January 23, according to The Scottish Sun.

It is thought that at the time of the accident the teenager may have been distracted by either music on his headphones or his mobile phone.

East Ayrshire Council said there were no laws against people being buried in the garden. The council liaised with the family and advised them about the issue

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