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Hair's lookin' at you, kid

Baby Freya's amazing locks and she's only three months old

By Maureen Coleman

Bangor baby Freya Spencer may only be 12 weeks old - but her full head of hair is already a talking point around the town.

When mum Kirsty takes little Freya out in the pram, people stop to comment on her hair, amazed that she was only born three months ago.

The baby's thick hair stands straight up on top of her head and despite Kirsty's best attempts to brush it down each night, it's back sticking up again first thing in the morning.

Kirsty and husband Michael have now nicknamed her Pocahontas.

"She has so much hair standing up that we can actually tie it in a ponytail on top of her head," Kirsty said.

"She's just about 12 weeks old and people keep telling us they've never seen a baby with so much hair.

"She's like a mini Pocahontas, she has as much hair as a two- year-old toddler."

Kirsty said her first daughter Bethany, who is now six, had quite thick hair when she was born, but that it fell out quickly.

"Freya's hair still hasn't fallen out so I don't think it's going to," she said.

"She was quite dark when she was born but her hair's getting lighter now.

"It's an old wives' tale that I must have had a lot of heartburn when I was pregnant with Freya to make her have such mad hair, but I never did.

"I've quite thick hair myself, but I've never seen anything like this.

"No matter how much I brush it down at night, it's sitting back up again like a wee porcupine the next day."

Kirsty said that she had taken Freya out for a walk that morning and had been stopped by about 10 people.

"We're getting well used to it," she said.

"No-one can get over her hair. We think she's absolutely beautiful, but her hair is a bit ridiculous."

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