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Hangovers blamed for Monday woes

Take extra care this morning if you enjoyed a drink or two over the weekend – research has revealed that most domestic accidents happen on a Monday as people recover from heavy weekends drinking or staying up late.

Claims data for the last three years published by Halifax Home Insurance suggested that a third more accidents happen on Monday morning than any other weekday, with many being blamed on hangovers.

Monday morning mishaps included starting fires with hair straighteners, letting a bath overflow and spilling hot drinks on to laptop computers, according to the report.

Psychologist Glenn Wilson commented: "People have a good time over the weekend to escape the pressure of the working week. The corollary is that Mondays are marked by low performance and inattentiveness as the body and brain struggle to recover."

Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance, said: "While we want everyone to enjoy their weekends after a tough week, we understand the importance of a safe home, and are urging people to take extra care on Mondays when they might not be operating at 100 per cent."

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