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Has Belfast's Big Wheel rolled into Dublin?

By Ken Sweeney

It stands 60 metres high, offers unparalleled views across Dublin and is the newest addition to the city’s skyline.

The new Dublin Wheel — which looks suspicously like the old Belfast Wheel which departed the city skyline in April — is also the centrepiece of a new Point Village development dreamed up by developer Harry Crosbie.

However there’s one local resident who wouldn’t dream of getting on it — Harry himself.

“Will I be going up on it? I certainly will not.

“I have vertigo so I won’t be going on it. Anyway, I’m far too old and need to protect my looks,” Mr Crosbie said at the launch yesterday.

But after some gentle goading from reporters, it seemed as if the 65-year would change his mind.

“Maybe I could be convinced if I could find a couple of very beautiful women to come with me,” he conceded before adding: “You’re in an enclosed capsule up there, so there’s no danger of falling out.”

The property developer hopes to get two years out of the ‘Wheel Of Dublin’, which cost between €8m and €10m (£6.7m-£8.3m) on which visitors can enjoy sky-high views of Dublin from next Saturday at a cost of €8 (£6.70) person for the 13-minute trip.

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