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A large glass of water with food 'can curb your appetite'

By Jane Kirby

Drinking a large glass of water with a meal really does trick the brain into thinking you are full, researchers say.

A new study has, for the first time, combined three sets of data to work out what happens. A team from Wageningen University in the Netherlands looked at stomach MRI scans, MRI scans of the brain and recorded how full people said they felt.

Some 19 people took part, all consuming a milkshake followed by either a small (50ml) or large (350ml) glass of water.

Stomach MRI scans showed the large glass of water doubled the stomach content size compared with the small glass. Those who consumed the large glass of water reported feeling fuller and less hungry.

An area of the brain called the mid-temporal gyrus also showed activity that was in some way influenced by greater water intake.

Guido Camps, lead author of the study, said: "In conclusion, we've found that simply adding water increases stomach distension, curbs appetite in the short term and increases regional brain activity."

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