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Airlines take precautions against people with swine flu virus

Airlines are taking steps to stop people with swine flu getting on flights, it was confirmed today.

British Airways said there had been a “very small number of cases” where people displaying symptoms of H1N1 had been advised not to travel or check in following advice from medics.

And Virgin Atlantic said people suffering from the condition would not be allowed to fly without a ‘fit to fly’ certificate from their doctor or a hospital, though there had been no cases yet.

It said those without the certificate will be able to fly later, at the airline's cost.

Aer Lingus said its policy is that anyone who appears to be unwell either at check-in, boarding or on the aircraft is seen by a medical officer while Ryanair said if a person has been told they have swine flu, then they should follow their doctor's advice and not travel.

The Department of Health has advised people with the virus to delay journeys until symptoms had gone.

And if they catch swine flu — symptoms of which are a high temperature as well as two or more of a list including headache, sore throat, runny nose and aching muscles — while abroad, they should not travel home until recovered.

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