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Asthmatic kids 'may suffer less if they're near parks'

By Jane Kirby

City-dwelling children with serious asthma may suffer less if they live close to green parks, research suggests.

Experts found that the further away children lived from green spaces, the more days they suffered from asthmatic symptoms.

Researchers interviewed the parents of 196 children aged three to 12, all of whom had either visited A&E at least twice or been hospitalised for their asthma over the previous year.

They calculated the number of days of asthma symptoms per child and worked out the distance between the child's home and the closest green space.

The results showed that children had one extra day where they suffered with asthma symptoms for every 305 metres between their home and the park.

A spokeswoman said: "These results provide support for the benefits of city parks and suggest that the right building policies can improve children's health."

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