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Avoiding the work bug


It’s strange, just as the weather seems to be getting warmer and spring is upon us everyone in the office is coming down with the same mystery illness.

You’d expect the warmer months to bring the best out of us, but often the change in temperature can cause you to battle with the common cold.

It’s important to stock up on your vitamin c, eat healthily and get some exercise. Oh and check out some of our handy tips.


Try and keep your hands and the environment around you as clean as possible when there are germs floating around in the office; so wash your hands as often as you can and keep hand sanitizer on your desk.

Don’t just stop there though. Once a week disinfect the things you touch regularly including your keyboard, mouse, phone and your everyday office stationary. If you can, also try and avoid touching doorknobs, bathroom handles, and other commonly used work items – yes even the coffee maker. If you do touch them, try and wash your hands afterwards.

Personal space

It’s vital that you attempt to keep your individual space your own. Don’t share your desk with anyone who’s struggling with illness. If someone insists on checking their email at your computer or encroaching onto your work space, disinfect what they’ve touched afterwards. Maybe wait until they’re out of eye shot though...

Think about yourself

It’s not just the people around you that can have an effect on whether or not you catch the office bug; you need to think about yourself too. Don’t touch your face. If you’re sitting all day working at a computer it’s easy to have your head resting in your palm or to rub your weary eyes, but you need to avoid touching your face. If germs make their way from your hands to your mouth, nose or eyes it looks like you’ll be on a sickie tomorrow.

Think healthy

This doesn’t mean simply willing yourself to feel good, it means thinking about what you can actually do to try and prevent any illness occurring. So, fuel up on healthy foods. If you want your body to fight the fight against any office bugs, a chocolate bar as a mid-morning snack isn’t going to suffice. Keep healthy snacks at your desk so you can avoid going to communal areas where more germs will be lurking. Bring a healthy lunch with you from home – the more nutritious the food the more chance your body will have of defending itself.

Exercise is also important, so try and get out at least once a day. This will strengthen your immune system and give you a chance to breathe in some fresh air away from the stuffy office environment.

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