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Babies in UK cry their way to top of poll

By John von Radowitz

The British are among the biggest cry-babies, according to new research.

The UK, along with Canada, Italy and the Netherlands, came top in a global baby bawler survey. Researchers analysed data on almost 8,700 infants to find out how upset babies in different countries get in their first 12 weeks.

The biggest cry babies were found to be in the UK, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands, while lowest crying levels were seen in Denmark, Germany and Japan.

On average, babies cried for around two hours per day in the first two weeks after birth.

Crying peaked at about two hours, 15 minutes per day at six weeks, before gradually reducing to an average of one hour, 10 minutes.

Lead researcher Prof Dieter Wolke, from the University of Warwick, said: "We may learn more from looking at cultures where there is less crying and whether this may be due to parenting or other factors relating to pregnancy experiences or genetics."

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