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Baby placed on 3,000 calorie diet

A baby born prematurely is eating 3,000 calories every day to help her reach a healthy weight - more than the NHS daily recommended intake for men.

Agatha Holloway was delivered by Caesarean section almost three months early, after suffering heart failure.

The child, who had to contend with a host of serious illnesses, must now plough through high-calorie foods laden with cream and olive oil.

More than a year after her birth on New Year's Eve 2007, Agatha is still 6lb under weight.

Her mother, Samantha, 35, from Cobham, Surrey, told Sky News: "Agatha was born very prematurely and was oxygen dependant so she had her oxygen at home until October last year which basically meant she used a lot of calories just breathing.

"Not only was she struggling to stay alive, but calories and food didn't make her grow like any other child."

Agatha, who was not breathing when she was delivered, suffered heart failure, a brain haemorrhage and chronic lung disease.

She also had an open heart duct, life threateningly high blood pressure and an immature gut.

It took a medical team at St George's Hospital, south London, 90 minutes to resuscitate her and put her onto a life support machine.

The little girl was in hospital for over 100 days but against all odds, she survived.

After 14 weeks Agatha went home - feeding via a tube and dependant on oxygen.

But she is now approaching a healthy weight, assisted by calorie-rich diet and freshly prepared meals containing a lot of protein.

All her calories come from natural oils, olive oil and cream.

Dieticians have told her parents there will be no long term effects from Agatha's diet.

The Holloways have launched Agatha's Appeal to raise £25,000 for a specialist incubator for the unit which saved their daughter's life.

According to guidelines issued by the NHS, women should consume around 2,000 calories per day, while men should take on about 2,500.

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