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Chocolate lovers sought as volunteers for health study

Scientists from Queen's University and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust are calling on chocolate lovers to volunteer for a new study.

The three-year research project will examine the potential health benefits of eating dark chocolate alongside other 'polyphenol' rich foods to determine whether it can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Patients will be placed on specially formulated diets which include 50 grams of chocolate per day.

Blood vessel health and the stickiness of blood will be measured at the start and end of the study which will be used by health professionals to formulate messages about diet and lifestyle practices.

The project is open to 40-65 year-olds who have a history of high blood pressure but not diabetes. If you're interested call Dr Rebecca Noad on 028 9063 3108.

All participants will receive £120 plus some expenses and home deliveries of fruit, vegetables and dark chocolate.

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