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Barry's amusement park in Portrush closed until next year


Closed: Barry’s Amusements

Closed: Barry’s Amusements

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Closed: Barry’s Amusements

The much-loved Barry's Amusements at Portrush is to remain shuttered until next year.

The iconic amusement park's owners, the Trufelli family, said in a statement that the decision had been taken because of the Covid-19 restrictions, and both health and safety and legal advice.

They said: "Our priority has always been the safety and well-being of our staff and customers.

"However, given the size and nature of our premises and given the multiple surfaces and touch-points, we as a family do not believe we can guarantee a safe environment for the large numbers of customers who normally visit us.

"We understand that this will be disappointing for a lot of people but we hope you can appreciate the reasons why we have had to come to this difficult decision.

"We thank you all for your continued support."

Causeway Coast and Glens Mayor Mark Fielding said he was 'disappointed' by the news.

"Barry's is an institution in Portrush, and one of those institutions that everyone in Northern Ireland knows," he said.

"Everyone would have been looking forward to a visit to Barry's on their holidays.

"I'm disappointed they're not going to be opening.

"It's a big loss to Portrush."

The historic north coast tourist attraction was put up for sale as a going concern by the Trufelli family last year.

A petition to save the venue attracted thousands of signatures.

The amusements have been a focal part of the town for almost a century

The site, which sits on the Castle Erin Road seafront, was opened by Evelyn Chipperfield and Francesco Trufelli in 1926, who met when the Royal Italian Circus toured Ireland three years earlier.

In March, the owners said Barry's would reopen for summer 2020.

But just weeks later Northern Ireland was placed in lockdown - and Barry's was forced to close its doors.

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