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BBC Radio Ulster's Nuala McKeever 'saying nothing' after Dominic Cummings on-air gaffe


Nuala McKeever

Nuala McKeever

Nuala McKeever

Comedienne Nuala McKeever remained tight-lipped after she described Boris Johnson's controversial senior adviser Dominic Cummings as a "d***" live on Radio Ulster.

The stand-in presenter's salty gaffe was broadcast on yesterday's 3pm news bulletin, just before her presenting slot was due to begin.

As she opened the afternoon show on Tuesday, she did not broach the blunder, telling listeners,“Welcome to the show... I’m saying nothing”.

Ms McKeever has been covering for presenter Lynette Fay on BBC Radio Ulster's afternoon magazine show.

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But yesterday, as a news reporter was delivering an update on the story about Cummings' alleged breaching of lockdown rules, Ms McKeever's voice cut in saying: "I was thinking he was such a d*** - I had written his name as Richard Cummings... Freudian slip or what?"

The presenter was clearly unaware that she was speaking in front of an open microphone and that her pithy remarks were being broadcast live to thousands of Radio Ulster listeners.

And it took a while for the BBC to realise what had happened, as a recording of the bulletin - including Ms McKeever's gaffe - was uploaded to the BBC website, where it remained for around half-an-hour before it was noticed, and the online file eventually removed from the site.

Last night the BBC told the Belfast Telegraph the broadcaster regretted any offence caused.

"The comments were not intended for broadcast and should not have been," it said.

"This interruption to our news bulletin was the result of a technical error.

"We very much regret what happened and the upset caused."

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