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Belfast man's delight as pregnant fiancee comes out of 10-day coronavirus coma... and tells him she is having twins


Bryan Green and his partner Danielle Martin

Bryan Green and his partner Danielle Martin

Bryan Green and his partner Danielle Martin with their three children Joshua (2), three-year-old Parker and Jaiden (9)

Bryan Green and his partner Danielle Martin with their three children Joshua (2), three-year-old Parker and Jaiden (9)

Bryan Green and his partner Danielle Martin

A Belfast man has said he is overjoyed after his pregnant fiancee - who was put into an induced coma after being rushed to hospital with coronavirus - told him she is expecting twins.

Bryan Green (32) from the Shankill area has been engaged to his partner Danielle Martin, also 32, for five years.

They have three sons ­- Joshua (2), three-year-old Parker and Jaiden (9).

Two weeks ago the family was plunged into a nightmare after Danielle, who is around four months pregnant, was rushed to Belfast City Hospital.

At the time the couple did not know they were having twins.

Mr Green told the Belfast Telegraph that learning in a phone call from Danielle that she and the unborn babies are healthy was the best news he could ever receive.

He recalled how his ordeal began two weeks ago when his partner became very unwell.

At the time the family was self-isolating together due to the symptoms Danielle was displaying.

"Danielle couldn't breathe and became very weak and was getting worse so we needed to get an ambulance ASAP," he said.

"They arrived within five minutes, as soon as they came in and saw Danielle, they both looked at each other and I knew straight away this was not good."

Bryan, who works in security, explained that paramedics said they would need to take Danielle straight to hospital, which upset their three boys.

"When they took her out to the ambulance our three sons watched from the window.

"It was absolutely heartbreaking," he added.

"Later that night Danielle rang me and could barely speak on the phone. She said they done scans on her chest and said she had severe pneumonia.

"This was about 9pm, then I did not hear from her the next morning."

However, his fears deepened when it turned out to be Covid-19 and the consultant revealed Danielle's condition had vastly deteriorated.

"He told me Danielle's oxygen levels had dropped rapidly and they needed to get her to theatre to put the ventilator in and put her in an induced coma," Bryan added.

"I couldn't believe it and I was devastated. Our three boys were constantly asking, 'Where is my mummy', and kept going to the window to look for her. I had to keep putting a brave face on and said: 'Mummy is just away a wee drive in the ambulance'.

"But then days started going on and they just knew mummy isn't coming back in the ambulance. So I had to tell them mummy is in hospital getting better and she will be home very soon."

Danielle spent a total of 10 days in an induced coma, cared for by medics in an intensive care unit.

Bryan said: "The hospital was ringing me every 24 hours with an update. One day was good news then the next day was bad.

"All I kept thinking was that Danielle was going to pull through this."

His fears grew when the consultant informed him that it would be highly unlikely the couple's unborn child would survive, news which Bryan said was absolutely devastating.

"To think Danielle was in hospital in intensive care fighting for herself and our unborn baby was the worse nightmare ever," he recalled.

Hope came, however, after he started receiving updates that Danielle's condition was slowly improving and she was coming off the ventilator.

"Then the next day she had to go back on to the ventilator as she got really unsettled," said Bryan.

Danielle then started to make made a recovery last Saturday, when Bryan learned she was being moved from ICU to a hospital ward.

"It was the most amazing news I've ever heard.

"All I wanted to do was speak to her," he said.

"Then the next morning I got a call from Danielle.

"I was trying to hold back the tears. She then said to me: 'Bryan, the baby is 100% fine and so is the other wee baby'. I said: 'What do you mean?' And she said: 'We are having twins! And they are healthy and fine'.

"Talk about amazing and shocking news at the same time. The kids are so happy.

"They cried when they heard her voice."

Bryan said that Danielle is "recovering well" and he hopes she will be discharged soon.

"She's just struggling to walk at the minute but is taking small steps at a time. Hopefully she will be home this week," he added.

Bryan told how it has been difficult not being there at Danielle's side as she battled the disease.

"It's been really hard, but we got through it with the amazing support of the community," he added.

"Neighbours have been leaving off food and stuff for the kids.

"The Co-operative left us off a big shop as well, as Danielle worked there for a while."

Bryan said that he and his family owe everything to the health service.

"They saved Danielle and our two wee unborn babies' lives. The NHS is absolutely amazing," he added.

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