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Celebrities contribute designs for 'thank you' charity pins


Important: Keira Knightley

Important: Keira Knightley

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Important: Keira Knightley

Special charity pins have been designed by celebrities as a small way for people to say thank you to someone who has helped them during the coronavirus crisis.

Actress Keira Knightley designed two flying birds swooping together into a near heart shape on her pin badge, while former Beatle Sir Ringo Starr put a peace symbol inside a love heart in his design.

The words "heartfelt thanks" appear on the rim of each badge, which has been created for the #PinYourThanks project.

The £5 badges, which are launched on Tuesday, could be a little thank you for your postie, a carer, a neighbour who has picked up shopping or anyone who has helped during these difficult times. All profits go to NHS Charities Together and Volunteering Matters.

Knightley said: "It feels very important to say 'Thank You' to all the NHS workers, carers and others, who have done and continue to do such an incredible job through this time of crisis."

Comedian Joe Lycett drew a thumbs-up image with the words "Cheers Bab" in rainbow colours, while artist Ian Berry put a pair of clapping hands at the centre of his design.

A pair of hands shaped into a love heart are on the original in-house-designed pin badge.

Each gift giver can also leave a message for their personal hero after making their order at www.pinyourthanks.org

Some of the star names came on board after answering a call from two-time Oscar winning costume designer Jenny Beavan, who raided her contacts book to help pull the scheme together in just six weeks during lockdown.

Ms Beavan (69), the initiative's creative director, told the PA news agency: "The original idea around the designs was that it was all about hands, hearts and stars because the hands do the physical caring, the heart is there to give and receive and also because all these people are stars.

"What I love about all the badges is that I just think they are all little glowing pieces of art."

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