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Charity urges show of support for people trapped in domestic abuse relationships during coronavirus shutdown


Appeal: Donna Marie Logue

Appeal: Donna Marie Logue

Appeal: Donna Marie Logue

A charity that supports victims of domestic abuse has organised a show of support for people stuck in abusive relationships who are under added pressure during the lockdown.

Donna Marie Logue, who founded La Dolce Vita, wants people in every street to come out of their homes to the tune of Tina Turner's Simply The Best and hold up messages of hope, drawings of rainbows and purple hearts at 8pm tonight.

The response to her suggestion has reached far beyond her expectations of Londonderry city centre with people from Antrim, Newtownabbey, Belfast Coleraine, Limavady as well as Donegal and Dublin signing up. Derry City and Strabane District Council also contacted Ms Logue to say the Guildhall and Council Office will light up in purple this evening too.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Ms Logue said: "In this crisis we are all doing the best we can, which is why I chose Tina Turner's Simply The Best, and by coming out with messages of hope, children drawing purple hearts, rainbows, butterflies - all this will show people in abusive relationships that they are not alone, people do care and do want to help."

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