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Coronavirus: Bombardier shutdowns in Northern Ireland until April 20


Bombardier's base in Belfast

Bombardier's base in Belfast

Bombardier's base in Belfast

Aerospace manufacturing firm Bombardier will close its Northern Ireland sites until April 20, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision comes a day after staff expressed concern about social distancing at work.

A number of employees at the company’s east Belfast site had brought their concerns to management on Monday morning.

However, in an internal email to staff on Tuesday, the company explained that following announcements from Bombardier Aviation regarding the closure of sites in Quebec and Ontario, all production will temporarily stop in Northern Ireland.

“These measures will help us maintain as many people as possible in full-time employment,” the email added.

It continued: “We will use this period to review all our factories and office areas to ensure that, on our return, we can meet the latest government social distancing guidelines.

“We will keep the situation under constant review given any change in government guidelines and essential business needs driven by customer requirements.

“Before leaving today, please work with your local supervision to ensure your work area is left secure, safe and tidy.

“On exiting the facility, please leave in an orderly fashion, respecting your colleagues and maintaining social distancing.”

The email also stated there is still a “lot of uncertainty” from government and Bombardier’s customers and ensured employees that they would communicate with them as frequently as possible.

“Thank you for your continued support for our business,” the company concluded. “During the shutdown period, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

“We look forward to working together again shortly to ensure that continued success of our business in Northern Ireland.”

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