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Coronavirus: Christine Lampard feeling fine but is fearful over parents' health


Christine Lampard

Christine Lampard

Christine Lampard

Broadcaster Christine Lampard has talked candidly about her coronavirus concerns for her parents in Northern Ireland and about her self-isolation with husband Frank Lampard.

Hosting the Loose Women show on ITV on Thursday without a studio audience, Christine said she and Chelsea manager Frank went into self-isolation after a Chelsea player tested positive for the virus. But she said Callum Hudson-Odoi had now fully recovered and Chelsea doctors assured the Lampards they were "fine".

But she was scared that if she contracted the disease and was fine a week later she might pass it to her parents, Frederick and Mina Bleakley from Co Down.

She added: "I would never forgive myself if I got it and had symptoms or anything else and didn't do the right thing.

"I would never forgive myself if I thought I'd passed something on to someone that couldn't fight it the way I could."

Christine said she dreaded the possibility of being told she could not fly home to Northern Ireland, where her parents and family all live.

"I'd hate that because getting home to me means everything," she added.

On a lighter note, Christine said that when Frank was home round the clock, 18-month-old daughter Patricia - and their pet dog - were never happier.

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