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Coronavirus: Don’t give money to fake account in my name, warns singer Daniel O’Donnell


Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell is warning fans to ignore an online hoax asking them for donations to help fight coronavirus.

Social media fraudsters have set up a fake account impersonating the singing star on Instagram targeting his fans and asking them to donate money.

The account has been reported to the Garda and anyone who has donated is urged to inform police.

Daniel, who does not communicate directly with fans on social media, is asking them to spread the word that the account is fake.

He said: “This is horrendous to see at this difficult time for everyone. I am absolutely appalled that criminals would take advantage of the good people of Ireland and my international fans to set up this fake account to make money.

“I urge my fans to spread the news that this is a fake account and under no circumstance should they donate to these fraudsters.”

It comes as the PSNI hit out at criminals exploiting the pandemic.

With many people working from home and elderly people self-isolating Chief Superintendent Simon Walls urged the public to be on their guard against cold callers and scammers.

He warned that even during these “unprecedented times” there are still “despicable” people in the community taking advantage of the situation.

Mr Walls said there have seen instances of people calling to the homes of elderly or vulnerable people, telling them they will do their grocery shopping for a small fee, before taking the money and never delivering the goods.

“I’m making a direct appeal to friends and loved ones of older people, or those who are vulnerable in our communities, to please take a few minutes and speak with them about what they can do to help protect themselves and their homes,” he added.

“There are a number of initiatives which are really helpful, including the ‘No Cold Calling’, the ‘Nominated Neighbour’ scheme, QuickCheck, Neighbourhood Watch and ScamwiseNI Partnership and details of all of these can be found on our website at psni.co.uk.

“Finally, I would really urge people to always ask for proof of identity. If people are who they say they are, they will be happy to show you their ID.”

To avoid becoming the victim of a scam visit ScamwiseNI at www.nidirect.gov.uk/campaigns/ scamwiseni or @ScamwiseNI

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