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Coronavirus: Londonderry vaping firm will supply 500 of its new hand sanitisers free to those in need

A Londonderry-based e-cig liquid producer will be working around the clock to ensure elderly in the area have access to free hand sanitiser.

Mo Vij, who runs Liquid Creations Ltd with his partner Ankush Vij, said the nature of his e-cig liquids and CBD oil business has allowed him to expand his product line to include the much sought-after hand sanitiser in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

He said the move will allow him "to look after those who need it most" in the area as well as opening up major business deals with leading supermarkets.

"We tried to get hand sanitisers for the factory and we weren't able to get any so we decided to call on the chemical suppliers we work with to formulate our own," he added.

"Given we have the automated lines this is something we are well able to manage.

"In the first instance, we want to supply over 500 bottles free to the elderly and charities, but we will also be delivering 100,000 units to a UK supermarket chain.

"We are sold out for the next two to three weeks," he added.

Mr Vij said his new hand sanitiser brand, which he has named Medi Pura, has completed all relevant industry standard tests and will be available in supermarkets in a matter of weeks.

He has employed four new members of staff to ensure coverage of the 24-hour shifts now taking place there.

"This will mean it will have no impact on our other lines. We have more staff in and are semi-automated so we can still produce existing orders," he said.

"As of today we will be working 24 hours a day until the foreseeable future. The demand is there and we also have an opportunity to help people."

Mo, who has three e-cig shops in the north west which operate under the name Walled City Vape, will be producing 2,000 bottles of hand sanitisers every hour in 30, 50, 100 and 200ml sizes.

Liquid Creations Ltd was formed after a close member of Mr Vij's family became ill with cancer. He said: "We've been going for the last four years. We manufacture CBD under the CBD Embrace brand.

"For us, this was an opportunity to help people. A close relative had cancer and they took CBD during recovery and she told us that it eased her recovery, so we began manufacturing CBD and have so far put out half a million of those products."

As well as branching out into hand sanitisers Mo added that he anticipates more business domestically and from the US following the coronavirus outbreak. He said: "We're seeing an upsurge, people are choosing to do business within Ireland and the UK, because we're a safe zone. We're also serving America more too."

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