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Coronavirus Northern Ireland: Another 1,300 cases and 1 death

Death toll rises to 2,167


Covid testing has increased.

Covid testing has increased.

Covid testing has increased.

Another 1,300 cases of coronavirus were reported on Friday along with another death. 

The latest figures show another 1,337 new cases reported with the death taking the toll to 2,167. 

In the past seven days there has been 9,393 new cases compared to 5,502 the previous week 

It means over 146,000 have had the virus since testing began. 

There are 163 people in hospital with 16 in intensive care, up from 10 on Wednesday. Eight people were admitted to hospital on Thursday. 

Hospital occupancy is at 102% with five sites over capacity. There are 52 care homes dealing with an outbreak. 

So far over 2.1m have received a vaccine. Over 4,000 first and second doses were made on Thursday. 

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