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Coronavirus Northern Ireland: No further deaths and 187 new cases reported


(Simon Dawson/PA)

(Simon Dawson/PA)


(Simon Dawson/PA)

No further deaths and 187 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Northern Ireland, the Department of Health has confirmed.

The death toll remains at 578.

Some 187 people were confirmed as positive for the virus after 2,915 people were tested in the last 24 hours.

A total of 338,556 people in Northern Ireland have been tested since the pandemic began.

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Forty-six people with Covid-19 are in hospital, with five of these patients in intensive care.

There are 27 active outbreaks at Northern Ireland care homes.

It comes as it has been claimed closing pubs and restaurants at 10pm in Northern Ireland will have "unintended consequences" for the hospitality sector.

Colin Neill, from Hospitality Ulster, called for any altered closing times to be aligned with the Republic of Ireland, which currently has an 11.30pm curfew.

He warned that shutting pubs and restaurants earlier would have an impact on jobs.

Bars which do not serve food opened their doors again on Wednesday for the first time in six months, but it is expected the Assembly will be told about possible curfews on Monday.

Mr Neill said Stormont should revisit the new legislation and scrutinise it to protect jobs, adding that the new laws were established "within hours".

"It is important that we go back and scrutinise it and get clarity and try and work to see how we protect the health of everybody, but then protect jobs and work together," he told BBC NI.

"Just picking a random time will have unintended consequences, and it will if it's 10pm.

"We have made the case that it should be 11pm for last drinks and everyone out for 11.30.

"If we need a curfew, which everyone at this stage thinks, people have been talking about 10pm, and England has 10pm, but we have a totally different culture than England.

"In England people go for a pint and then go home, here we go out late and the rural communities and farmers go out for a beer just to socialise.

"In the Republic of Ireland everyone has to be out by 11.30pm, so we hope it's the same here."

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