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Coronavirus Northern Ireland: Number of positive cases almost doubles in seven days

  • Another 420 people test positive in past 24 hours
  • Death toll remains at 2,156
  • There ‘could be’ up to 400 patients with Covid-19 in hospital by the end of the summer, says Professor Ian Young


Professor Ian Young. PA.

Professor Ian Young. PA.

Professor Ian Young. PA.

The Department of Health has reported a 44% rise in people who have tested positive for Covid-19 since Monday, June 28.

The figures were compiled in the 24 hours up to 10am on Monday.

The death toll remains at 2,156 in Northern Ireland since the outbreak began as there were no further deaths.

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There has been 2,788 positive cases in the last week, up from 1,567 in the previous seven days.

Hospital occupancy is at 101% with 3,116 people in beds. There are four patients with Covid-19 in intensive care. Six hospitals are over capacity.

And five care homes are dealing with an outbreak of the virus.

As of 12pm on Monday, 1,173,365 people in Northern Ireland have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, while 897,209 have been given their second.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland’s chief scientific advisor Professor Ian Young said there could be up to 400 patients in hospital with Covid-19 by the end of the summer as the number of cases increase.

Professor Ian Young said it is inevitable that there will be increasing numbers of cases over the summer, and urged all those in the 18 to 40 age group to get their vaccine to minimise the impact of the next pandemic peak.

“It is likely to peak some time in August, possibly early September, based on our modelling and the question is to what extent that will lead through to hospital admissions,” he told BBC Radio Ulster.

“Because of the success of the vaccine programme, the number of admissions will be less compared with previous waves but it can still be very substantial and at the moment we're anticipating possibly up to around 400 patients in hospital with Covid towards the end of the summer.

“That's why we need to push vaccination now, we can reduce that number substantially, probably by around half, if we can get up to 90% of the adult population vaccinated.”

Chief medical officer Sir Michael McBride said there is no doubt we are now in the “inevitable” fourth wave of the pandemic.

He said case numbers will increase rapidly as restrictions on movement are eased and the Delta variant is now dominant.

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