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Coronavirus Northern Ireland: Three further deaths and 1,115 cases reported

Death toll stands at 2,588


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Three further coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded in Northern Ireland on Sunday, the Department of Health has reported.

Sunday’s statistics mean this weekend has seen seven further deaths in total, with four deaths recorded by the department on Saturday.

Another 1,115 cases of coronavirus were also reported in the latest figures from the department.

The total number of deaths linked to Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic in Northern Ireland is now 2,588.

The Department of Health does not release full statistics at the weekend, instead the next full update will be on Monday.

The latest vaccine statistics show as of noon on Sunday there have been 2,550,278 total vaccinations administered in Northern Ireland.

This includes 1,315,513 first doses of the vaccine administered.

The Department also confirmed 14,272 third booster doses of the vaccine have been administered.

Meanwhile, workers are being urged not to grin and bear illness this winter but instead stay away from the office if they are feeling unwell.

UK Health Security Agency chief executive Dr Jenny Harries said she hopes the public will now realise when they have symptoms that might be infectious and can be supported in staying away from work in those situations.

She told Times Radio: "I think, particularly as we approach the flu season for example, whereas people traditionally in the UK have sort of grinned and borne their infectious disease and then gone into work and spread it around, I'm hoping that, as we go through winter, people when they are symptomatic will generally recognise that and stay away and be supported to do so."

On the general point of people no longer working from home, she said there is likely to be a rise in Covid cases if everyone returns to work immediately, but added that the double-vaccinated are generally protected from getting seriously ill with the virus.

"If everybody returned immediately to work without due consideration, then I think it's likely we would see more cases over a short period of time, depending on whether they were wearing face coverings, whether they were taking appropriate precautions," she said.

"But, of course, most people are protected now, so even people who are doubly vaccinated are becoming infected, (but) they are not becoming seriously ill and they are not dying in the way that we saw previously."

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