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Coronavirus: Partners should be allowed to be at baby scans, says charity


Health Minister Robin Swann

Health Minister Robin Swann


Health Minister Robin Swann

A maternity charity in Northern Ireland has said a review of hospital visiting guidelines should lead to the partners of pregnant women being allowed to accompany them for scans.

Almost nine out of 10 (86%) of women surveyed last week by BirthWise said they attended their appointment alone.

The charity also called on Health Minister Robin Swann to permit partner visits to women in hospital.

Women who were without their partner in early labour described their experience as lonely. More than half (52%) of those surveyed had an in-patient stay since lockdown started, with the majority saying it contributed to them feeling alone, unsupported, or anxious.

Women said partner visits would have ensured emotional and physical support.

Sian Mulholland from Bangor is 33 weeks pregnant.

She said: "The partner restrictions have been hard. This is our first baby and we were looking forward to sharing all these special experiences with each other.

"Not having my husband Conor at scans is very hard for both him and me, as we feel like he has missed out."

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