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Councillor's fury at fly-tipping in Co Armagh


Some of the illegal dumping in Keady

Some of the illegal dumping in Keady

Some of the illegal dumping in Keady

Repeated fly-tipping within the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council area has been criticised.

Armagh-based SDLP councillor Thomas O'Hanlon branded those behind illegal dumping at the gates of various recycling centres as "absolutely disgusting".

On Sunday night, Mr O'Hanlon posted pictures of waste dumped at the gates of centres at Darkley, Ballyards Road, Milford, and at Church Street in Keady.

Images also showed rivers in the area strewn with rubbish which had been tipped over a bridge. "We're working on getting the recycling centre open, but doing this isn't going to make it happen any sooner," he said.

Mr O'Hanlon said the reopening of amenity sites was high on the council agenda.

"The council have agreed a managed plan on how to have the centres reopened on a phased basis, we just need the go-ahead from Stormont.

"The big issue we have at the moment is that travelling to recycling centres isn't deemed an essential journey so people run the risk of a police penalty if they are stopped.

"There is absolutely no excuse for illegal dumping at any time but especially now when we don't know where waste is coming from - whether or not someone in a particular household has been infected with Covid-19."

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