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Hotel thanks NHS staff with £750k of vouchers

A Northern Ireland hotel and spa has offered a staggering £750,000 in vouchers to reward frontline NHS workers for their hard work and bravery during the covid-19 pandemic.

The Galgorm Collection, who own the Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort in Ballymena, is offering experiences like overnight stays, spa days and meals to health workers in the Northern Trust.

Managing director Colin Johnston said 5,000 vouchers worth around £150 would be available, based on numbers of frontline staff in the Northern Trust.

"We had been doing some low level things like donating toiletries, but we thought people needed something to look forward to at the far side of this," he said.

"We wanted to thank them for all the hard work they're doing. A lot of people can feel down with all the negativity but we're going to get through this."

Mr Johnston added: "We think we work hard, but really we walk around a nice hotel every day and it's not tough when you hear some of the stories from health workers."

As the hospitality industry has come to a standstill due to government health restrictions, Mr Johnston added: "With government instructions we're all closed and there's nothing we can do but wait to come out the far side. The majority of staff are furloughed under the government scheme.

"Yes it is a very negative picture, but you have to look at the positives. Our vision is that we haven't had any job losses and we don't intend to once we re-open."

The Galgorm Collection works with numerous community groups, including a longstanding relationship with the Simon Community. In addition, more than £100,000 has been raised for the Community Rescue service.

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