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It's like your whole body is being invaded: Sinn Fein's McDonald relives coronavirus battle


Mary Lou McDonald

Mary Lou McDonald

Mary Lou McDonald

Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald has said she will never again take her health for granted after battling Covid-19.

She told BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback programme that she was "doing fine" describing her experience as like an invasion on her body. She said she felt strong but also "extremely lucky".

Ms McDonald was sidelined for weeks when she contracted the virus, although she did not need hospital treatment.

She first self-isolated at the beginning of March when a case was confirmed at the school of one of her children before her condition deteriorated.

"This is a horrible virus and believe you me nobody wants to catch it," she told BBC Talkback.

"I'm very glad that I came out the far end of it."

She added: "While I was sick with it, I had a rough couple of weeks with it, fortunately I was not hospitalised and I count myself very lucky on that score.

Mrs McDonald said her experience of the virus would be regarded as "mild" as she didn't become acutely sick, "but at the same time it's a horrible experience, it's like your whole system is being invaded.

"I was upset that it had come into my house, it had come under my roof."

Mrs McDonald said she was concerned for her teenage children.

"My overall feeling is that I am very, very lucky, I am now well, I am off all medication," the Sinn Fein leader said.

Mrs McDonald said she developed a pleurisy in her right lung while waiting for her Covid-19 test results.

"All of that is over now, I feel very well, I feel strong and I feel extremely, extremely lucky.

"It changes your perspective."

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