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Minister unveils plan for £15m fund to help charities deal with Covid-19 emergency


Deirdre Hargey

Deirdre Hargey

Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press E

Deirdre Hargey

Plans are under way to launch a Covid-19 Charities fund, valued in the region of £15m, to help support Northern Ireland charities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey revealed her plans yesterday.

She said: "I am acutely aware that our local charity sector, who do so much good work for such a diverse range of causes, are facing difficulties during these challenging times.

"Many in this sector have been at the front line in responding to the emergency and to supporting our most vulnerable citizens now and as we plan for recovery."

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The minister explained that her department are working quickly to develop a support programme - as she acknowledged the impact the pandemic was having on traditional fundraising.

She said: "My officials are urgently developing a Covid-19 Charities Fund, to assist charities to deal with the impacts of this emergency.

"I recognise the impact this emergency has had on traditional fundraising activities, and that this is a worrying time for many in the sector.

"The sector is made up of diverse groups doing fantastic work in our communities. Given this is a limited fund, it is important that the scheme is carefully considered and ensures the best possible use of the resources available, to support and prioritise needs within the sector.

"A public announcement will be made once the funding arrangements and the application process have been finalised and then agreed by the Executive."

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