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NI sees record week of Covid deaths with 156 losing their lives


Northern Ireland is in another lockdown until March.

Northern Ireland is in another lockdown until March.

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Northern Ireland is in another lockdown until March.

Northern Ireland has recorded its highest ever weekly Covid-19 death toll with 156 people losing their lives over just seven days.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra) has released its latest weekly Covid-19 bulletin, which shows there were 156 deaths involving Covid-19 between January 9 and 15.

The total number of Covid-19 related deaths in Northern Ireland now stands at 2,186.

According to the statisticians, January 7 and 11 saw the highest number of Covid-19 related deaths occurring any one day since the start of the pandemic.

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The number of Covid-19 deaths in Northern Ireland has continued to climb since Christmas and rates are expected to creep up even further as a result of the relaxation of restrictions over the festive season.

Hospitals across the province are currently facing crisis, with wards and critical care units coming close to capacity due to the number of seriously ill Covid-19 patients.

According to the NISRA figures, of the 2,186 Covid-19 related deaths recorded so far, 62.5% took place in hospital, 30% in care homes, 0.6% in hospices and 6.9% at residential addresses or other locations.

The 669 deaths which occurred in care homes and hospices involved 163 separate establishments.

The figures have also revealed that of the 858 care home residents who died from Covid019, 656 passed away in a care home, with the remaining 202 people dying in hospital.

They have also revealed that the number of deaths between January 9 and 15 was 44 more than the five-year average of 399.

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