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People Before Profit slams 'deplorable' Belfast City Council after it halts binmen's £30-a-day danger pay during coronavirus pandemic


Fiona Ferguson

Fiona Ferguson

Fiona Ferguson

Belfast City Council has been branded "deplorable" after deciding bin collection staff will no longer receive an extra £30 a day as hazard pay during the Covid-19 crisis.

The pay was introduced on March 25 when the council announced it was temporarily scaling back bin collections over health and safety concerns for staff.

The council has now said that there is no longer an "identified need" to continue paying the allowance.

People Before Profit councillor Fiona Ferguson has said the hazard pay must be offered to "all front line staff" after it ceased yesterday.

"The decision by Belfast City Council to remove extra pay from workers on the front line of a health pandemic is deplorable," she said.

"It sends out the message that Belfast City Council recognises the danger workers are facing during this crisis, but isn't willing to foot the bill for supplementing their wages accordingly.

"We in People Before Profit have been calling for weeks for hazard pay to be implemented for all council staff who are bravely risking their health to keep our city functioning. Council management have just done the opposite."

Ms Ferguson added that her party was not consulted by council bosses before the decision to remove the pay incentive was made.

Belfast City Council said: "A payment was introduced on March 25 for employees who were undertaking duties within the revised Covid-19 operating model on waste collection routes.

"Employees were advised that the payment was subject to review.

"Following the latest review, which was carried out on April 17, it has been decided there is no longer an identified need to continue paying the allowance."

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