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People must be careful about discarding PPE, says councillor after items found on Belfast road


Discarded pieces of PPE found on the Shore Road in Belfast

Discarded pieces of PPE found on the Shore Road in Belfast

Fred Cobain

Fred Cobain

Discarded pieces of PPE found on the Shore Road in Belfast

The public has been urged to dispose of worn personal protection equipment (PPE) safely after items were discarded on a footpath in north Belfast.

Used gloves and a face mask were thrown on the ground along the Shore Road and were discovered by a member of the public yesterday.

This follows a series of incidents around the country where people have dumped their used PPE at the roadside.

DUP councillor Fred Cobain said he was concerned that the items had been dumped along the Shore Road as children could have picked them up.

"The big issue for everybody is safety," he said.

"There's ways of disposing those particular items in a safe way.

"Discarding them on the footpath, and I know we are supposed to be in a lockdown situation, but there are people about, including kids.

"The person who was wearing that particular equipment could be asymptomatic or they could also be infected.

"In situations like this, everybody has to be very, very careful about what they do.

"I'm a bit concerned that people would discard that equipment on a main road. I don't know what gets into people's minds to do that, particularly in the situation we're in and how dangerous and contagious this coronavirus is."

He added that while he doesn't know who was wearing the PPE, the person could have been in a setting where the virus was present, such as a hospital or care home.

"We keep repeating the message day in and day out about how dangerous this particular virus is," continued Mr Cobain.

"People need to take this seriously.

"We don't know where this PPE came from but it doesn't really matter.

"We're in such a serious situation with this virus and people need to be very careful in how they dispose of things like that."

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