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Police issue over 100 Covid notices and arrest three after Holyland parties

More than 100 Covid notices have been issued and three people arrested after police called to house parties in the Holyland area of Belfast.

Four people were reported to the Public Prosecution Service and a community resolution notice was issued when police called to the houses on Monday night and into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A total of 94 Cov4 notices, with fines starting at £200 and 11 Cov2 notices for those living at the properties were issued for breaches of public health guidelines.

It comes after officers went to the area on a number of occasions to disperse various groups of people after receiving a number of reports of anti-social behaviour throughout Monday afternoon and later in the evening, as well as into Tuesday morning.

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Chief Inspector Gavin Kirkpatrick said: "Police would encourage residents to continue to report issues of anti-social behaviour to them. While local officers will be making follow-up enquiries, it is disappointing that we continue to receive reports about noisy parties and anti-social behaviour in this residential area.

"In light of last night’s events police are currently in the Holylands and will continue to have a nightly policing operation in this area this week. Local residents should be respected and should not have to contend with this type of behaviour."

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