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PSNI arrest 103 people for drink and drug driving despite coronavirus lockdown


There have been scores of arrests for drink or drug driving

There have been scores of arrests for drink or drug driving

There have been scores of arrests for drink or drug driving

The PSNI has revealed 103 people have been arrested for drink or drug driving offences over the last fortnight - despite the coronavirus lockdown.

While there has been a 60% reduction in traffic due to the pandemic, police have still arrested scores of people driving while unfit.

Under legislation introduced to halt the spread of Covid-19 the public are only supposed to leave their homes for a limited number of reasons including essential work, shopping and exercise.

People are also being discouraged from travelling long distances without a valid reason, with police having the power to hand out fines to those not complying with the guidance.

Arrest have been made not only from police on patrol and at vehicle checkpoints, but following reports from members of the public, shop and security staff, and even family members.

PSNI inspector Rosie Leech said: "At a time when we are all working together to try and minimise unnecessary pressure on our NHS and emergency service colleagues, it is particularly disappointing that so many people have decided to put lives at risk by driving after drinking or taking drugs.

“We have significant numbers of police officers on duty across the country and are determined to continue our road safety enforcement.

“While I would like to thank all those who reported incidents of people they suspected were driving while under the influence, I would again repeat our road safety appeal – now more than ever please take personal responsibly for road safety. Please slow down. Wear a seatbelt. Pay attention to your surroundings. Never ever drink or take drugs and drive."

Inspector Leech said that, while there has been a reduction in traffic, there are more pedestrians and cyclists on the streets, so it is "critically important we all look out for each other".

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