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Rosie spots window of opportunity with craft rainbows during coronavirus lockdown


Rosie McCann from Limavady with her son Oisin (13)

Rosie McCann from Limavady with her son Oisin (13)

A rainbow crochet design

A rainbow crochet design


Rosie McCann from Limavady with her son Oisin (13)

A Limavady woman who took up crochet to get away from information overload during the coronavirus lockdown has created a crafted rainbow as a message of love to the outside world.

Rosie McCann is helping to promote a design created by Kerry Jayne of KerryJayneDesigns which she made to lift people's spirits and brighten their day.

Rosie said the rainbow is something anyone with a very basic knowledge of crochet will be capable of doing.

She hopes that seeing them hanging in a window will lift people's spirits.

She said: "I came across this design through a Limavady-based group called Row by Roe and immediately began working on making a rainbow.

"We have all seen the pictures of rainbows little children have been doing and putting in the windows of their homes everywhere that are just adorable so this ties nicely in with that.

"Kerry Jayne, who designed the pattern, has offered it free to everyone because she recognised how important it is to lift everyone's spirits right now.

"There is something special about rainbows that do that. In nature when you see a rainbow in the sky you stand still, look up at it, and it makes you feel better.

"Seeing a rainbow in someone's window, whether it is a drawing done by a child or one crocheted, will hopefully have the same effect on people now, whether that is a key worker out doing their job or someone who is perhaps out of work now because of the coronavirus crisis and is out for a daily walk."

Rosie said she has received quite a few requests for the pattern since she posted a picture of her finished rainbow hanging in her window on her social media and is encouraging everyone who can to make one.

She continued: "I learned to crochet a while ago because I realised I needed something to get me away from phones, tablets, social media and television that I was accessing constantly.

"I actually can't believe how much I love it and I would encourage everyone to give it a go, especially now when so many people are at home.

"The pattern for this rainbow is so easy - anyone could do it even if they only had a basic knowledge, although the pom-poms might be a bit much for a beginner, but these can be left out although, personally I think everything is better with pom-poms."

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